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A life-changing movie outreach for teens, their friends and their families. Join the movement!

To Save A Life is more than a movie — it's a feature-length film with powerful follow-up opportunities to get youth, their friends and family engaged in this life-altering movement. Here's how…

Life Saving Stories

"I remember my parent's divorce, it happened on the same day my sister was taken in handcuffs to jail for a drug bust. i was only 7. I'm 16 now, and for years I've been living with the pain and hurt of it, I've thought about suicide many times, even wrote the letter to my parents, but this movie, it's just a beacon of hope in darkness. For years I've been just holding it all in, this movie let me know I can let it out, it told me I'm not alone." — Gingi

"My best friend called the other night and asked me to go see this movie with her. I didn't want to, but she started telling me about it, she had already seen it twice and wanted to see it again with me and a few other friends. She sent me a trailer and a few of her own thoughts on it. I knew then that I had to see this movie. What she doesn't know is that when she called, I was standing in the garage ready for it all to be over. But this movie changed it all. I had been a cutter for seven years and a drug addict for four years. No one knew. Now, at sixteen, I am ready to change that." — Shane

"I saw this movie for the second time again last night. This movie touches you in a way that no other can. It changes something inside of you. There are people out there dying to be heard who get overlooked everyday. As Roger said, the silence drowns out his screams, his cries for help. No one should have to go through that. We should all strive to be a Jake. He showed up that there is still hope for those who have completely given in to this world. This is truly the greatest, most inspirational movie I have ever seen. I think everyone, young or old should see it. So inspirational." — Matt

"This movie was a real wake-up call. It opened my eyes to the fact that there are people out there that are hurting and just want to be heard. The people that teens joke and talk about the most are the people that are going through the most. We don't realize how much one joke can hurt someone severely. It makes me look at my peers differently. It was a real change for me." — Cydney

"I've never tried to kill myself, but I've stayed awake all night, crying and feeling so lonesome I think the silence will swallow me. I was like Jake, calling to God and asking why He hadn't made things any better when I'd promised to follow Him. I was hurt and depressed and lonesome, and then I saw To Save A Life, and I realized it's not enough to be lonely and hope someone comes to save you. Sometimes God is asking you to realize the hurt and the loneliness, and use it by finding the rest of the hurt and lonely. And it's like through saving a life, you save your own, like Jake did. I've never been so excited after seeing a movie before!" — Cloe


"One of the many things I love about the movie To Save A Life is how it portrays in a very real [non-cheesy] way the different pressures teenagers face. It opens doors for students to talk with trusted leaders on where they see themselves in the story." — Doug Fields, Founder: Simply Youth Ministry & Author: Purpose Driven Youth Ministry

"To Save A Life is a redemptive story based on circumstances, including some very difficult ones, in today’s student world. As a leader and parent, I look forward to viewing this film with my family upon its release." — Jay Mooney, National Youth Director, National Youth Ministries, Assemblies of God

"This movie is awesome. It conveys the raw emotions of life, and is a gritty testament to the ups and downs of high school. To Save A Life shows that life isn’t easy and relationships can be messy. My friends who have seen the film are already talking about it and encouraging others to go see it." — Zach Hunter, Teen Author & Speaker